Family Of Ailing Ginjal Failure Girl Memohon Untuk N8m Life-Lin


Every man, every lady on the surface of this earth, has his or her relaxed plan, no longer matter how heroic, dauntless and bold they’re.

Indeed, right here’s a passionate demand you to gift your milk of human kindness in you. It is never misplaced, it is no longer forgotten, for in staunch truth, nothing is basically misplaced on this earth airplane.

Consider, the merely, the lend a hand and the kindness we attain to others, have ways of returning succor to us in a thousand fold.

Truth is that the unhealthy we moreover attain to others will sooner or later arrive succor to us, either on this current life, or the next.

Bakare Kehinde Ewumi Odunoye , 49, is an indigene of Ota, in Ogun Train. South-west Nigeria.

Nevertheless, she is presently down with kidney failure and he or she wants about N8million to crawl for a kidney transplant operation in a foreign nation, in articulate to quit alive.

This attach does no longer enable photos. I will have posted her photos for the sector to hit upon.

Her elder sister steered this writer on cell phone, Monday that when her husband, Bakare, came upon December perfect twelve months, that the fundamental other modified into increasing becoming old and haggard-taking a search recordsdata from, complaining of all kinds of diseases, he complained to her elder sister.

Her phrases: “A decision modified into reached to retract her to the Identical old Scientific institution in Ikeja, Lagos, on January 4, 2020, where sequence of medical examinations carried out on her revealed by the doctors, revealed she had kidney failure and needed to enact kidney transplant in a foreign nation. ”

Based completely on the sister, “within the starting up when she modified into taken to the health facility, the husband, family members, relatives and successfully wishers contributed N51,000 per day, three instances per week for her dialysis”.

On Monday, January 27, 2020, her sister steered this writer that her sibling, who modified into no longer admitted to the health facility, nonetheless attends the health facility three instances a week, pays N41,000, per day, at any time when she comes to the health facility.

Calculation reveals that N41,000 instances three days a week interprets to N123,000 a week and N492,000 month-to-month.

Having exhausted their money, the family of the ill lady is due to this truth attention-grabbing passionately to public intriguing folks, teams, corporations and executive companies to arrive to aid from Bakare Kehinde, as she modified into steered by the doctors that she wants N8million s to dawdle in a foreign nation for a kidney transplant.

Listed below are the non-public crucial aspects of the ill lady.


Bank: Guarantee Believe Bank

Myth No: 0558885507

Tel No: 08104372280


Elder sister’s Tel No;


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