Bagaimana cara kerja pena insulin?


Insulin pen is a machine which is frail to alleviate the placement of form 1 diabetes, which is caused on account of deficiency of insulin within the body. It can presumably perhaps doubtless be taken by sufferers when their blood sugar levels descend underneath 70mg / dL. Allow us to chat about briefly the ingredients of this pen adopted by its working mechanism.

Substances of insulin pen

There are mainly 5 ingredients in insulin pen

1. Cartridge: It is frail to retain specified insulin prescribed by a doctor to his / her patient.

2. Cartridge holder: It is the body of the pen which supports cartridge to be in a situation.

3. Needle: Old to inject insulin. It disposable in nature which is screwed to the cartridge at any time when a patient injects insulin.

4. Dial: It is frail to situation and measure the main dosage of insulin

5. Knob: When a knob of insulin pen is pushed, needle injects the insulin into our body.

How does insulin pen work?

Insulin pen will doubtless be injected into the subcutaneous tissue. It is a extra or much less fatty tissue positioned underneath the skin between our skin and muscle. It is preferred to inject insulin within the fatty tissues because these tissues soak up insulin snappy and enhances the possibilities of getting a excellent dosage. Attributable to this fact, they need to be injected into fatty tissues besides muscular tissues as it’ll also hinder the efficiency of insulin.

Steps to observe while the utilization of insulin pen

There are main steps to be adopted sooner than the utilization of insulin pen

1. You have gotten to dapper our fingers and fetch a hygienic set for injecting insulin.

2. You have gotten to verify of the extra or much less insulin you are prescribed to have.

3. You have gotten to test whether or now not insulin is evident or cloudy, if cloudy you would possibly perchance need to rub it between your palms for 1 minute to fetch it certain. Shaking of insulin pen need to be kept a ways off from

4. You have gotten to salvage alcohol wipes and disposable needles

5. Insert the needle into the cartridge fastidiously by eradicating its paper tab. Earn away the outer cap after fixing the needle and then desire the within cap.

6. You have gotten to prime the pen. Priming is a phenomenon which is frail to desire air bubbles in needle to make certain that the needle is working properly. In characterize to prime the needle you would possibly perchance need to push the knob of pen and can allow as a minimal 1-2 drops to seem. Then, adjust the main dosage stage with the assistance of knob.

7. You have gotten to take the right kind rental for injecting insulin. Principally insulin is injected in abdomen, front and facet of thighs, higher arm and outer hands. You have gotten to rotate your injection sites because the utilization of the identical rental for injection also can harden the tissue underneath the skin and would possibly perchance presumably perhaps affect the working of insulin. Moreover, areas with scars and moles need to be kept a ways off from as this would possibly perchance increasingly presumably well also hinder the efficiency of insulin. After selecting your perfect region, inject the insulin fastidiously into the body.

8. Then you would possibly perchance need to wipe the injected rental with an alcohol wipe and set a bandage over the region if main as soon as you glance bleeding.

9. You have gotten to unscrew the frail needle and change the outer cap. Discard the needle into your bin.

10. Retailer your pen at room temperature and steer certain of too sizzling and too frigid areas as this would possibly perchance increasingly presumably well also affect the functioning of insulin.

As quickly because the insulin enters our body it starts working and controls the blood glucose / sugar levels. It makes the complete process very easy to a form-1 diabetic patient. What he / she wants is a easy shot of insulin from his / her pen.

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